CO.ME.CA S.p.A. activity started in the year 1969 in a plant of 300 m², on the intuition of the founders Giovanni Tolettini son of Andrea and Giovanni Tolettini son of Nicola, of Mr. Remo Gardumi and Alessandro Turelli; initially its production consists in the machining of mechanical carpentry.
From its origins, the company has undergone a constant evolution of the technology applied and of the production processes to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction.
Today, the premises are spread over an area of around 65,000 m², and 11.000 roofed, composed of seven sheds served by twenty over head cranes with load capacities from 2 to 60 ton.
With 90 employees, the Corporate organisation is structured in a flexible way, capable of efficiently dealing with any client’s requirement; the primary objective is to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of the clients, for whom the work is made based on their specific needs. The commitment undertaken with them is reflected in the systems produced, where it is possible to see the attention to detail in every stage of the supply.
In order to obtain this result, the company is organised based on an integrated management model which covers all the areas, from production to quality, safety, environment, and the social responsibility pursuing the objective of a continuous improvement of both the company services and the level of the human resources.

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